Flagmantle fan writes off season after scratch match defeat

Looking back on it, the appearance of Clive Waterhouse in Adelaide was a bad omen and the mighty Flagmantle suffered a disappointing defeat in a largely irrelevant scratch match.

Nevertheless, a diehard Flagmantle fan has seen enough and has already written off Flagmantle’s season. Taking only solace in the fact they should finish about West Coast, he told The Times,

“Why did Darcy go off? We’re farked, aren’t we? I just didn’t see any change from last year’s flat game plan. Excuse me while I call a plumber, I got my Freo membership towel clogged in the toilet trying to flush it last night”

Another Flagmantle fan denies he’s written the season off but has admitted he’s already booked a holiday overseas in September. Adding,

“Was 2022 some kind of sick joke? Why would they raise our hopes like that just to revert back to the old Freo? How tf is Fyfe our most promising prospect? Why do I support this club?”

Some Flagmantle devotees tried to calm the others by reminding them that it was just preseason and plenty of key players were missing.

These stupidly optimistic types were hounded to the ends of the earth for daring to show a bit of positivity. With one fan adding,

“Taking the preseason to heart is a very big part of the Flagmantle culture. We write off the boys before the season starts, get way too excited over a few minor wins, and then go apeshit when they capitulate later down the track”

Of course, they’ll still have the scratch match win over the wooden spooners to hold onto.

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