BREAKING: WA Actually Proud Of Ice Flooding Its Streets For Once

Finally, WA can gaze upon its abundance and ice and feel a sense of pride. A whimsical winter treat that has delighted the State which is frankly not used to weather. Especially of the cold variety. 

Normally, when one sees ice in a WA headline, one can only think about some unprepared reprobates running aground on a reef in the Abroholos. Or some unglamorous car boot search at the border. Well, not today, WA, not today.

We spoke to a resident SOR who said it was the right kind of ice to be flooding their streets. They told The Times,

“It’s the kind of ice I can enjoy with my kids and feel safe that they won’t be taken away from me. It’s the kind of ice that melts in your hand and not in your pippy. I think this is a big step forward for WA”

Similarly, Bluff Knoll enthusiasts are over the moon that their “high” will involve natural ice this week. One told The Times,

“Normally, people in WA get on the ice to get high but we are getting high to get on the ice! Hehe. We can’t wait to build a pathetic snowman and flex on all the suckers who aren’t underemployed and can’t just drop what they are doing to climb a knoll”

WA Police has also praised the relative lack of harm this influx of ice has had on the community. A spokesperson said,

“Apart from a few regrettable bingles due to slippery roads this is a pretty good ice explosion. We haven’t had to deal with one weather related public wank or the like. So that’s pretty good”

Everyone in WA is advised to enjoy the good ice headlines while they last because, you know what we are like.

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