Landcruiser with snorkel owner creams himself after dominating a 2 foot puddle on a suburban street

A suburban Landcruiser owner now understands the thrill of four-wheel driving after dominating a 1-2 foot puddle of water that had pooled outside his western suburbs home. 

Without any hesitation, the man carefully edged his way into the puddle before seeing the puddle swallow most of his front tyre. It only got better from there. He told The Times,

“WOOOOOOOO!!!!! YEAHHHH!!! HA! Everyone laughed at me for buying a snorkel because the furthest I take my 4WD is to a Margaret River winery but who is laughing now! I’m not a loser! I’m not a loser! I’m not a motherfricking LOSER!!!”

It was an undeniable achievement for the bloke however other 4WD owners are struggling to feel impressed. We spoke to a weekend warrior who had returned from bush bashing in his Patrol. He told The Times,

“Yeah, I suppose that snorkel could’ve been useful if that puddle was about 4-5 feet deeper. What a clown. To be honest, I don’t think the bloke knows what a snorkel does. Otherwise, you really wouldn’t keep banging on about being thankful you had one today”

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It seems no one was spared the Landcruiser owner feeling like a big man. His wife was preparing a winter roast when her husband burst through the door with mobile phone footage of his crossing. She told The Times,

“I think he googled four-wheel driving terms and was just dispensing them. He said the neighbour’s Golf got stuck in the puddle but he was able to cruise right through. He then asked me if I wanted to be ploughed like he ploughed through that puddle. Rather vulgar”

After changing his pants, the Landcruiser owner admitted that he “needed a win” and finally using his 4WD for its purpose was liberating. Adding,

“I think I’ll get a lift kit next. Just glad I didn’t need to get the maxtrax out and recover my rig from the conditions. Snatch. Flex. Kings awning”

It was undoubtedly that he was now just throwing out terms he’d learned on fourby forums. 

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