5 Of The Hottest Perth Day Trips Right Now

Scarborough – one of the true marvels of Perth is the daily turbo parade at the iconic Scarborough Beach. Just as the weather starts to heat up so do our beloved meatheaded Scab’s turbos!

Bring a packed lunch of roids & gear or source some from a bumbag from one of the many menacing hulks knuckle dragging between the bars and the beach. Not to be missed. Read more on Scabs HERE.

Karrinyup – who said mazes were just for kids? Adults can get in on the fun by entering the labyrinthian underground car park while any middle-aged woman in your crew gets blasted at a shopping centre bar. 

Be warned, the maze is not for beginners or anyone in any type of hurry. Dedicate at least 5 hours. If you are visiting around the X-Mas shopping period leave at least 24 hours. 

City of Cockburn – why? Maybe try asking yourself why not! The City of Cockburn truly has something for everyone. Especially if your idea of a good time is squaring up with troublesome youths or wrangling stray trolleys from the many suburbs. 

After you’ve been staunched by a prepubescent shitstain, treat yourself to a selfie by one of the many City of Cockburn signs around the area. They make for great souvenirs and your interstate friends will love ‘em. 

Two Rocks – sometimes you just have to see the outer limits of our sprawl for yourself. It’s just a cruisy hour from the city or 13 hours if you fancy a sprawlin’ stroll. Be left with confused bemusement as you ask yourself “why” and “am I in Geraldton yet?”. Read more on the sprawl HERE.

When you have been left perplexed by Perth’s urban expansion strategy then enjoy a day visit to the abandoned Atlantis Marine Park. Do as the locals do and chuck a big slash on King Neptune. Someone has gotta keep the strong scent of urine pumping. 

Bull Creek – this is an absolute no-brainer. Red Roota, Uncle Dans, Freeway access, a train station, and your choice of a white knucklin’ adventure on Leach Highway of South Street! What more could a thrill seeker ask for?

It could be tempting to rush through the sights in one day but to properly take it in, dedicate at least a week to Bull Creek. Read more on Bull Creek HERE.