“High speed pur-yewww-t”, Police hunt rogue jet ski rider taking full advantage of Busselton’s flooding

A renegade jet ski rider is testing Busselton police’s patience this morning after being unable to resist the urge to fang his baby around the flooded streets.

Thanks to a heavy cold front, the sleepy town Busso copped the lot this morning after Mother Nature decided to pop a squat and give them something to swim about. Most people just stayed indoors but Koby isn’t like most people.

A spokesperson for the Busselton Police told The Times that all available officers are currently on the hunt but it wasn’t easy catching the maverick. Adding,

“You can tell he embodies everything about the jet ski lifestyle. We just can’t keep up and we’re getting pretty sick of him spraying out windscreens with gnarly manoeuvres and aggressive shakas”

Koby contacted The Times while refuelling to tell his side of the story. Adding,

“You only get these once-in-a-generation storms about 10 times a year. So I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. Some men chase the perfect wave, I chase the perfect jet ski conditions and this is sik bruz”

Thinking outside the square, police said they had set up multiple Monster energy drink traps around town to catch him. A spokesperson told The Times,

“Yeah, we know the right bait to catch this kind of yew-fish. We’ve left cartons of Monster with a “FREE” sign on top. We then placed them in shallower water. We’re hoping his natural urge to live life to the max takes over and then he finds himself stuck”

When will the streets of Busso be safe again? One can only speculate with such a loose cannon running amok.

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