Albany family visiting Perth can’t believe how lucky they got with the weather today

Greg stood in front of his brother’s bathroom mirror lathering sunscreen on as he excitedly called out to his family to get ready for a day of soaking up the beautiful weather in Perth. His energy was palpable.

Wiping the sweat from his brow, Greg started to amp his family up by going over the day’s itinerary. The first stop was the foreshore for a BBQ picnic even promising his boys they could go for a dip in the refreshing Swan if they were good. 

Greg’s youngest could barely contain his youthful squeals as he got to wear his fancy new Bad Boy singlet that his mother Tania snared with a Best & Less voucher that was due to expire soon. 

Greg’s wife, Tania was opting for tanning oil as she saw today as a chance to do something about her Albany moon-tan. She took a break from applying the lotion to tell The Times,

“Don’t tell the boys but we’ll be giving them a bit of an early X-Mas present given the weather. A couple of super soakers. Great day for it! I know Greg will need a spray after slaving away in front of the hot BBQ that’s for sure. Almost cold cuts weather!”

After the BBQ, Greg & Tania intend to take their kids to see a movie to “get a bit of air conditioning in”. Greg already a little red in the face told The Times,

“Plenty of water and plenty of rest on a day like this. We want to pace ourselves so we have enough in the tank to enjoy fish & chips on the grass at Cott early this evening. Did we mention how lucky we were to score a day like this?”

Unfortunatley, the family’s plans looked to be all but derailed after the youngest passed out in the heat while walking from the house to the car. Better luck tomorrow guys.

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