Alan Joyce Donates Arctic Gear Qantas Separated From Customers To All The Struggling CEOs Ahead Of CEO Sleepout

In one of Joycey’s last acts as CEO of Qantas airline, the CEO has made a heartwarming gesture to all the CEOs that will be doing it tough at the CEO sleepout this week. Giving them arctic-rated sleeping bags, jackets, and ski gear that the Qantas baggage system expertly separated from the punters. 

Announcing the act of charity today, Qantas said it had always been dedicated to improving the standard of living of CEOs around the country, and Joe & Jane Bloggs from Subi were ever getting reunited with their shit anyway. Adding,

“One has to really appreciate the struggle these CEOs will go through for about 45 minutes. Or enough to get some good photos sleeping in a brand-spankin’ Western Mountaineering Kodiak sleeping bag, The North Face jacket, and a very generous foam mattress underneath their bags. Qantas is here for them”

Not only will Qantas be making generous donations of thermal wear to the sleepout participants but they have arranged for famous French chef Alain Passard to be flown in to set up a soup kitchen for the elites after they are done with their photo shoot. A spokesperson told The Times,

“Chef Passard’s humble French onion soup will warm their bellies which is just what they’ll need after such a harrowing ordeal. Many have foregone high-end restaurant dinner plans to attend the event and some even haven’t had the time to craft their inspirational Linkedin post. It’s a sad reality that we, at Qantas, can fix”

We spoke to a CEO who was involved in the event who said he’d basically been sleeping in his car during a gruelling 3-day restructuring, adding,

“I had to take multiple naps throughout the day without the other board executives bothering me. Some of those naps were in my Urus in secure parking. I know adversity mate. Lucky Joycey has come through with a new Canada Goose jacket. I was really worried this sleepout would be my last with these temperatures”

The CEO Sleepout is scheduled for 22 June 2023 so the public is warned to stay as far away from Linkedin for at least 5 days. Good luck and cheers Joycey, you’ve still got it!

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