Young Couple Had A Wonderful Day Searching For A Park At The Hyde Park Festival

A young family, including a 48 month old enjoyed a wonderful day searching through the backstreets of Highgate & North Perth for a park so they could attend the Hyde Park Festival. 

Admittedly, the young family stalled a bit in the morning and arrived a tad late. A move that would guarantee them all the adventure & fun of parking-induced-rage that the inner north could offer. We spoke to Maree who told The Times,

“I threatened to divorce the hubby 4 times for making us late he he. They are the kind of memories you’ll never forget. Plus our 48 month old angel screaming his lungs out when I called a Mini Cooper driver a dogcunt for slotting into a park we’d staked out for a few minutes”

After spending the day searching for a park, their fun eventually ended when they found one only 3 km away from the festival. John told The Times,

“We finally got a park in East Perth and caught an uber in.  I think the day went downhill from there. We’d much rather be stuck in traffic stalking pedestrians who we think are heading towards their car and slamming my fists against the steering wheel”

The young family had so much fun today that they intend to back it all up tomorrow with another full day of park-searching fun.

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