WA Cyclists Thank e-Scooter Riders For Taking The Heat Off Them

Western Australian cyclists are thanking e-Scooter riders for dethroning them as the top road & footpath pests. A title they claim they unfairly held for many decades. 

It seems that the reckless abandon shown by many e-Scooter riders has begun to give pedestrians & motorists the shits. An avid cyclist told The Times,

“Feels good not being public enemy #1 for a change. These e-Scooter riders really think they own the footpaths & roads. Yesterday I even shared a moment with the cyclist’s sworn enemy, a Ranger driver, after a little punk on an e-Scooter darted onto the road. Crazy times”

We tracked down the Ranger driver who was bubbling along like an angry little hotpot he is. He told The Times,

“Normally if I saw a cyclist I’d break the 1m rule so I could get close enough to tell them they are a flog but after this little e-Scooter turd had the audacity to cut in front of me I had bigger fish to fry. NO ONE cuts in front of me Ranger mate”

e-Scooter riders have also done their level best to take the crown of cafe pests from cyclists too. A barista in an inner city cafe told The Times,

“I’m not saying I like gooch sweat or those stupid clickity clop shoes cyclists wear but e-Scooters clogging up the cafe floor is pretty fkn annoying too. Never thought I’d prefer a cyclist but there ya go”

The timing couldn’t be better with the Tour de France making WA cyclists extra frisky this time of year. With one cyclist telling The Times,

“It’s great we can live our little pro-cyclist fantasies in relative peace. Thanks e-Scooter riders, you did us a big solid”

Nevertheless, cyclists still maintain the top spot on the early morning nuisance ladder with their penchant for loud conversations at 5 am. 

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