“AFL Demolition Round” Confirmed For WA After SA Secure Gather Round For 3 Years

Western Australians can rejoice that they’ll be getting their own week of footy next season after learning that Gather Round will remain in South Australia for another 3 years. 

While Gather Round was all about Croweaters, the aptly named “Demolition Round” will be more about rivalry, tension, biffo, and fans ripping each other to shreds. How is such an amazing spectacle possible?

Well, each team playing in the round will face off against its most hated team. Be it a derby or just an infamous rivalry. To spice things up, many regional WA grounds will be utilised and full-strength piss will be on offer. 

A spokesperson for the AFL said they were excited for the Grudge Round which was inspired by the 2000 Western “demolition derby”. They told The Times,

“Gather Round was very wholesome. We want the opposite in Perth. We want booing, shirt tearing, and general uncouth behaviour. We figure if we send the angriest AFL fans to places like Mandurah, Bunbury, or Rockingham we’ll get the best results”

We caught up with a Port Adelaide fan who was excited to act like a baboon in the “Peel Thunderdome” when his team squares off against Adelaide. He told The Times,

“You take a Port Adelaidean and put him in Mandurah to watch the boys take on those fancyboy maggot Crows, then you got problems pal. Can’t farkn wait”

The WA Government has welcomed the anarchy that the round will bring. Saying that it’ll be no different from your regular night out in Northbridge. 

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