Eagles supporting boss lets all Flagmantle oriented staff know they can WFH tomorrow

We spoke to a staff member of the firm who told The Times it was quite a shock. Given the boss’s lengthy tirades in the past about how WFH is the cancer of the office and must be eliminated. He added,

“So I get this message saying I’ve done good work this year and to treat myself to a WFH day tomorrow. He didn’t go into much more detail but I suspect this has something to do with the Bray & Serong bobbleheads I have on my desk”

Similarly, a staff member who wore his Freo polo shirt to casual Friday received a similar message. He told The Times,

“I got a message just an hour ago saying that I was WFH tomorrow. I dunno how that’s possible, I’m admin. I do the post and shit. Anyway, I asked if he was sure and he said I could give the old heave ho to attending at the office. Nice guy”

We managed to catch the boss who was going through employee files looking for evidence of Flagmantle sympathies. He told The Times,

“Just. Not. Tomorrow. OK. I created this firm and I swear to fkn god if I hear one fkn person mention the 100+ point decimation I will destroy this fkn firm. Just WFH, please. Before I’m up before Fair Work Australia or fkn Nuremberg”

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