WA Man Fearing More Vape Busts Learns You Can Just Light Up A Lip Smacker Instead

WA man Charlie has watched on in horror as 300,000 vapes were seized along with nangs and other goodies in a NOR warehouse the other day.

He fears that the WA Government will intensify its campaign against the devices which in turn will drive up prices as people compete for the limited supply. That’s until he got a “novel idea” after watching his youngest daughter apply some lip balm. He told The Times,

“It was one of them apple on the noggin moments, ya know? I was like, what IS a vape anyway? Fark knows, some shit in a tube that’s heated roight? So I just lit up one of Mersaydee’s Lip Smackers and it tasted the kootz. I’m laughin’ mate”

Charlie can now go about his day with the knowledge that if he can’t find a vape, he can simply “smack a lippy” to get his fix. Accordingly, he’s spent most of his weekend going from Kmarts to Pricelines buying up all the stock.

He’s even packed his bag heading up North to the moines with over 200 of the bad boys. Hoping to make a little extra money on the side when coworkers run out of juice themselves. He told The Times,

“I know society just wants me to do the right thing and get back on the darts. Make the Government tons of money but I ain’t gonna do it. I’m a genuine, Pilbara vape boss and I suck that blueberrydick like I owe it money”

Well done, Charlie, you’ve got it all sorted.

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