“Epic Location” for Zuckerberg v Elon Fight Confirmed as Morley Galleria Bus Station

When Elon Musk promised an “epic” location for his anticipated smash with Zucc he wasn’t kidding.

Rome’s Colosseum was a front runner until he heard about the World’s true gladiator pit – the Morley Bus Station attached to Galleria.

Like countless warriors before them, the tech-douches will ride valiantly into the arena on the 950 and then use the bus at the cage in which the match is set before spilling out into the station for more of a royal rumble feel – like every other time at the station. A spokesperson for the Musk camp told The Times,

“Expect Elon to start trashing talking Zucc over who gets to take which Morley high school student on a cruise in their busted Supra soon. It has to feel legitimate. Don’t be surprised if one of them suddenly finds themselves with a lucrative Dada sponsorship too. It’d be nice for this to have a bit of a late 90s feel”

Fight experts are concerned that neither men are up for the task however. With one Morley smash specialist telling The Times,

“Training in the comfort of your Silicon Valley gym and the arena of death are two very different boxes of cheese. To truly succeed in Morley you must be fully aware of your surroundings. You never know when an irate bus driver will snap and rain down a flurry of fists on either. You also might get shanked”

To build up tension, the two fighters will have the weigh-in outside Priceline in the Galleria after a shoplifting incident. A spokesperson for Zucc’s camp told The Times,

“We want a local security guard to actually be the ref. This is going to be really authentic. Before long, the entire world will know that the toughest fighters in the world are forged at the Morley Bus Station”

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