Two blokes fancied an 8 hour stand off with the police on top of a Rivervale building site

So a couple of blokes decided to climb to the top of a building site in Rivervale early this morning.

It was reported that booze may have had a part to play (lol).

Alas, local tradies weren’t able to start their day of construction as the men fancied a bit of a powernap. Once awake, they weren’t keen on coming down either.

In this video, it looks like one is about to cop a yellow river from the other lol but who knows.

What ensued was a fantastic waste of police & emergency services resource in an 8 hour stand off with the men.

It was reported that at one point the men allegedly asked police for an extra 4 pack of booze and vape and they’d come down.

Channel 9 update on the bumbling pair:

Classic City of Belmont stuff right there.

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