Gero police apprehend a high risk offender that’s on the lamb

It appears that Gero police have finally met their match after being led on a high speed chase by a wooly scofflaw.

It turns out this sheep had been eating its neighbours grass. If you catch out drift.

After getting caught being a dog it rammed its love rival and destroyed their fence before going on the lamb.

I wonder where the sheep learned that behaviour from! Gero locals, we are looking at you. Check it out below:

Naturally, this bleating idiot would’ve kept its cover if it didn’t decide to do an illegal ewe turn!

Have to give the sheep credit for its impressive form. Expertly evading capture until it just couldn’t run no more.

We can report that once in the paddywagon, the sheep was a very polite customer. Putting many Gero locals to shame.

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