Harley Reid takes trip to Coles self-serve checkout to feel like there are fewer cameras on him

It’s safe to say, WA media has failed to maintain its cool since the arrival of the Eagles’ no.1 draft pick Harley Reid.

His every move has been meticulously filmed and posted online despite the fans expressing their concern this obsession will spook the poor boy.

To help give the boy a break (and the other draftees caught up in the media frenzy) senior coaching staff had a brilliant idea.

They decided to send the young’ns down to the self-service checkout at Coles Vic Park to feel like they were getting a break from all the cameras!

It’s estimated that the average Coles checkout has somewhere in the vicinity of a “shitload” of cameras on the customer at all times while the Mineral Resources oval and the bushes outside his house has somewhere in the vicinity of a “gazillion”.

A spokesperson for the Eagles told The Times,

“Everything is relative and for Coles to seem like a less surveilled location is quite an achievement. We managed to get a few handball drills down in the checkout. At least we know these photos won’t end up on the back page”

It was the perfect plan. Until it wasn’t. Sources tell us that as soon as the WA media heard about the breaking story of Harley Reid going SHOPPING all hell broke loose.

Reporters descended upon the suburban shopping complex in great numbers. Causing untold mayhem on the road. A witness told The Times,

“There was a massive gridlock from all the news trucks trying to get there so we saw reporters literally abandon their vans and sprint towards the centre. I thought it was some kind of zombie invasion”

Not only did they have Victoria Park Central surrounded in the car park but they had every available chopper hovering above. Obviously, this sent local FB community page admins into a panic.

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