REPORT: Perth Weather Taking The Scorchers, Heat, Furnace Theme Pretty Seriously

The great Perth weather gods have got WA BBL fever as they command the big burning ball in the sky to give spectators a real taste of what it’s like to get scorched this afternoon.

BOM has confirmed that the Perth sun will be offering one of the hottest days of the year for the tens of thousands of punters going to the game this arvo. Which will see the fans turn pink as a lobster in the boiling cray pot. 

WA Tourism has come out and commended the weather for its contribution to the theme and says it’s important the whole nation knows what it’s like to get scorched. A spokesperson told The Times,

“Stars really aligned. Scorchers v Heat at the Furnace and it’s going to be an absolute stinker. Top form from Perth. Commitment to the theme! Queensland blowhards v WA blowhards all arguing over how this weather isn’t hot at all. Magic”

However, not everyone was prepared to dismiss the mercury. We spoke to a couple who were low-key dreading the conditions today. Kate was terrified she was going to look like a bukakeclown if the camera spotted her in the crowd whereas Toddy was much more focused on his refreshments,

“39, fark me mate, that’ll probably be like 45 in the stadium. Do you know how quick a cup of beer goes warm in that kinda gear? Just going to have to throw em back in one. Me misso keeps saying if she makes it onto TV looking like a sweaty ham I’m sleeping on the couch tonight for dragging her along”

Nevertheless, Marko McGowan has a message for all those heading into the game today,

“Our message to the Western Australian people and our Queensland tourists is simple. We ask that you go to the game, have fun and enjoy a nice big glass of concrete before complaining about getting scorched”

Gates open at 3 for a 4:30 sweatfest. Enjoy.

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