Kalgoorlie gold miners switch exploration focus to lotto syndicates after another impressive strike

Some of WA’s biggest gold miners have watched on in awe as a Kalgoorlie lotto syndicate records another impressive strike to the tune of $53M smackeroonies. 

This follows a strike by a different Kalgoorlie lotto syndicate in February of this year where the combined kitty was $63M. Needless to say, the major WA resource companies want a slice of that profit. 

A spokesperson for a major WA gold miner operating in Kalgoorlie said the decision was a no-brainer, adding,

“Look, the spot price of gold is dwindling, and while still profitable it’s got nothing on Kalgoorlie lotto syndicates so we will be dedicating an unprecedented amount of resources into the exploration of other lotto syndicates and hopefully get in on the fun next time”

A leading geo turned Kiosk-hunter said gold is yesteryear’s commodity and the real gems in Kal are the syndicates, adding,

“Do you have any idea how expensive it is to find, mind and offload gold? Mate, these syndicates are just popping down to the shops to buy a ticket and manage to keep striking it big. Easy as piss, mate”

Analysts expect the shift in exploration focus to pay dividends for investors and the question of whether shareholders can get in on the syndicates themselves will be a hotly debated topic at upcoming AGMs no doubt. 

It’s a new frontier in the boom-or-bust town of Kalgoorlie but it’s clear the major players aren’t going to be left behind. 

As always, the joy in Kalgoorlie has been spread around with another 3 waitresses expected to retire tonight after just a few hours of tips. Read Mia’s heartwarming story HERE.

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