Landlord Whose Property Value Increased 24% Reckons Tenant’s Aircon Request is “Too Much”

Bob & Sue were livid to receive correspondence from their property manager advising them that the tenants in one of their South Perth investment properties desperately need air-conditioning to survive another summer. If only they could be good tenants and pay off Bob & Sue’s mortgage without the demands.

Just their luck, their property value soared 24% this year alone, and rather than have people celebrate their savvy investing they come begging with their hands out. We spoke to Sue who was so upset at the request she cancelled her Mends St brunch date with the girls. She mused,

“Perhaps they should have tried buying a property in desirable neighbourhoods 30 years ago. That’s the problem with these millennials; they think things should just be given to them. We never had air conditioning growing up just the hose out the back! Look at us we turned out fine”

Bob was enjoying the back nine of the golf course when he received the call from his wife who he claims was “foaming at the mouth”. He told The Bell Tower Times,

“Absolute parasites, even after we had the good decency to only increase their rent by $100 a week. Our property manager said we could’ve gone as high as $110 and this is the thanks we get? We have several mortgages to consider”

The property manager begrudged the tenants for putting them in the awkward position to ask for the $2000 improvement to their quality of life. Which represented a small fraction of their estimated $360,000 property value increase in 2021. He told us,

“They are lucky they even have a house. It’s tough out there at the moment. They only need to look at my client’s Bassendean investment property that they sold this year. I think those tenants are living in their car now. Seriously, be grateful in life or go and get a loan”

This isn’t the first request to cause these lovely landlords to fly into a rage. At the start of the year, the snowflakes tenants complained about “plumbing issues” causing their toilet to “overflow” constantly. 

Bob launched into a scathing tirade, 

“The generation before me served overseas and now this new generation can’t even deal with an overflowing river of shit? What happened, when did men stop being men? I grew up with an outhouse in the middle of a field. Didn’t see me crying for a working toilet, even with all the spider bites”

Bob & Sue assure us that they will have the last laugh with their plans to accelerate the sale of the South Perth property to afford a lovely little international jaunt when the borders reopen. 

We’ll be needing that air-con money to cover your cocktail costs alone, dear”, Bob says while rubbing his nose against Sues and chuckling. How sweet. 

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