WA man officially ends relationship with long pants after getting first lower leg tattoo

It has undoubtedly been a long time coming but WA man, Brason, has decided to officially part ways with all forms of long pants after getting his first calf tattoo this evening. 

His relationship with the full length menswear hit “irreconcilable differences” as soon as he’d finished his first session of a planned full leg sleeve. He told The Times,

“You think I’m ever covering up this shit? It’s sik bro. Got a skull in the design and all ay. It’ll will go hell good with my fresh Air Max bro”

To celebrate his new life as a pantless man, Brason even donned the long sleeved “Balenciaga” shirt he got from Bali a few weeks ago. He told the Times,

“Long sleeve designer, Nike shorts, fresh kicks and a calf tatt. That’s staunch as, ay. I had to quit my job cos they reckon long pants as fkn PPE or some shit. Who needs work when you’re a king but?”

To honour the occasion, Brason threw every pair of long pants he had in a metal bin, poured metho over them and lit them up. 
“I can’t think of a single occasion where i’ll ever wear pants again”, he said while looking up second hand Harleys to purchase off Gumtree.

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