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First year uni student shocked that all boys education didn’t equip him with social skills to not be awkward around girls

If Sam is being honest, he thought the transition from all boys school class clown to smooth uni operator would’ve been easier than it was. 

Alas, it appears 8 years of all boys’ private education failed to socialise the lad to work, study and generally commingle with girls who weren’t part of the 12 girls he knew from his sister school.

It has been quite a learning curve for Sam who told The Times,

“Every girl I’ve ever talked to loved me. I was in the first 8 rowing and played firsts rugby since year 10. Turns out I just hadn’t really spoken to many girls. I wasn’t too popular at uni for a while”

Indeed, Sam was positively shocked that his fellow female students didn’t lap up “classic Sam” as the boys would call it. He told The Times,

“In my first lecture, I yelled out TAXXXIIII when the lecturer knocked a cup of water over. I was surrounded by girls and no one even smiled at me. I was thinking, wtf? This material slayed at house parties”

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To make matters worse, Sam also found out that mixing with girls he didn’t know at uni parties was also fraught with danger. Adding,

“I may’ve been a bit of an all-boys awkward kent but I wasn’t stupid. I knew the girls at uni parties were disgusted by my presence. Who doesn’t like a good PSA inters swimming chant on the piss?”

Luckily for Sam, he soon learned that the less of a dickhead he acted like, the more the girls around him would be keen to chat to him. It was a real lightbulb moment for the boy. 

In his first major step towards progress, Sam refrained from making a snobby comment to a girl allocated to his group-assignment when she mentioned she went to Kent St High. He told The Times,

“Instead of making a joke like I’d better keep an eye on my wallet, I just said nothing. Next thing I knew, she was asking me how I was finding the unit. I was shocked”

It’s been a bumpy ride but after almost two full semesters, Sam feels like he’s 25% less awkward but agrees he’s a work in progress. 

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