WA Pledges To Extend Northern Sprawl To The Actual UK In Bid To Lure 30k Brit Workers

It has been revealed that the McGowan Government is attempting to lure 30k skilled British migrants to move to Perth to address our own skills shortage. While nice in theory there still remains a glaring problem with the plan – where will they live? 

So to address this, the WA Government has vowed to simply extend Perth’s Northern sprawl all the way to the United Kingdom. A move that was inevitably going to happen but now has the momentum to get done. A spokesperson for the WA Government told The Times,

“Obviously we have a bit of a housing crisis so we think we can make it easier on the British workers if they can simply commute to Perth from the Northern burbs like many of their countrymen and women do already. Some might start whinging about a 14,500km commute every day but they’ll still buy a property in the new Northern suburb of London”

The promise has allegedly been turning quite a few heads in England with one IT specialist saying he liked the idea of living in Perth but still having the luxuries of English weather, fish & chips, and ale, he told The Times,

“It’s a bit of a sea change innit? But if they just expand their metro boundaries to my own doorstep then I won’t have to deal with that bwooody hot weava and wubbish fish and chips. Best of both worlds”

Another Brit considering the move said she already spent half her life on the tube so the opportunity to drive from London to Perth for each shift would allow her some alone time. Plenty of it. Adding,

“Nursing can be full on so the last thing I want to do after a shift is jump into a packed train. I think the commute would do me good and I’m hearing they have already promised us a train station on the Joondalup line”

The Minister in charge of infrastructure was tightlipped about how they would achieve this massive sprawl but assured the public that if any City could get it done it would be Perth. 

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