Man plans to dress as an Armadale Line Replacement Bus for Halloween

A Maddington man has had an inspired idea for a costume for this weekend’s Halloween celebrations – going as his greatest fear! An Armadale Line replacement bus.

From late November until mid-2025, the Armadale train line will be closed as part of a major Metronet upgrade project. For many, it will mean battling the pitfalls of the replacement bus network. We spoke to Tim who told The Times,

“My options are either a crammed replacement bus that will take about an hour to get me to work or battle the freeway with everyone else who can’t stomach the bus. I honestly am not sure how I am going to survive it”

The costume consists of just a white sheet with a TransPerth logo, a neon REPLACEMENT BUS sign, and of course a stain that appears to be sentient. He continued,

“What I love about buses in the South East is that there’s always a mystery stain that you can’t help to think is moving or breathing or whatever. It’s hard to know what it is and frankly, I think it’s better if you don’t. Just steer clear! Stains like this will rule out about 10 decent seats every day”

While Tim is planning to surprise his friends with the costume, he was good enough to give fellow Armadale Line user and Thornlie resident a heads up due to the obvious triggering potential. His mate told The Times,

“Yeah, I’m glad he gave me a heads up because honestly I think I would’ve socked him right in the snout if he’d surprised me with that. It’s a tough topic for comedy for me because it really has me fluctuating between fear, loathing and white hot rage”

Truly spooky stuff Tim!

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