Perth tradie lets TA hold his 9” angle grinder for a little treat

A Perth tradie has decided to reward his hard-working TA with a special treat. By all accounts, it was a special moment between the two men and one the TA will treasure for the rest of his life.

At about 2 pm today, Jayson whistled over his TA who was busy busting his arse, and asked him to help him grab something from his ute.

The TA attended and Jayson was waiting with a big smile on his face. He gestured at his brand spankin’ Milwaukee 9” angle grinder and told him to “grab it”. Jayson told The Times,

“Should’ve seen the face on the little cunny, probably because I tell him if he touches me tools without permission I’ll chin him ha ha, I assured him I wasn’t this time and told him to have fun”

The TA was blown away by this gesture and by all reports felt like a big man. In fact, he felt so big he asked Jayson if it’d be OK to give her a few revs.

Normally this would be enough for a pretty stern “oicunt’ing” from the big man but it appears he was feeling generous today and said he could back in the workshop. Another TA told The Times,

“He took the cutting disk off and put a strip disk on. He said that he had to protect the shitafabrains from himself, he then let him get that finger working on his 9 incher. Man, what a treat”

After being shocked the TA had the “balls” to hold the grinder, he even let him strip off a bit of rust on a nearby beam, making sure to stand behind him and remind him to be gentle. We spoke to the TA who was still riding the wave of this high. He told The Times,

“A lot of the day the tradies make sure to remind me of my place in the pecking order. You gotta understand how big a deal this is from a man like Jayson. He once refused to use my name for 2 months because I moved his impact drill out of the way so I could sit down for smoko”

Jayson concedes he came down on the TA pretty hard but it was for his own good. Adding,

“Yeah nah, seems harsh but every mutt on this site wants to get their hands on my massive tools. My big, hard shiny tools mate. A bloke just becomes a bit paranoid, ya know?”

Sure, Jay, sure.

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