Margot Robbie gets the full Perth experience after failing to get phone reception while shopping at Karrinyup

Perth has once again opened its doors to Margot Robbie who was spotted enjoying the coastal life in Cottesloe today. By all accounts, she was having a blast pointing out Rotto and complaining about the sea breeze.

What the tabloids haven’t told you was that she also fancied a spot of shopping at Perth’s notorious Karrinyup shopping centre. It was here that she truly was welcomed to Perth.

We spoke to a witness who said Margot was seen looking frustrated at her phone while she attempted to raise it in the air to get a few bars. To no avail! Adding,

“You could tell she was mouthing the words ‘wtf is wrong with this city’ as she tried to get reception. She was probably waiting on some important call but yeah got totally Karrinyup’d”

Indeed, Margot was attempting to make an important call to her driver. To get the car ready as she’d bought what she needed and couldn’t handle a moments more excitment.

Alas, little did she know, that even if she did have reception in the shopping fortress it would have done her little good. With her driver lost six ways to Sunday inside the parking labyrinth. A member of her entourage told The Times,

“We lost contact with Dan after he said he was going to wait in the underground parking to get out of the Perth sun. We asked a few people around the shopping centre and they just hugged us and said he belonged to Karrinyup now and to let it go”

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After finally escaping Karrinyup, Margot was involved in a somewhat awkward situation where she mistook a group of female labourers for fans given their striking pink Hi-Vis.

She was told to “move along princess” before asking her entourage if anyone fancied punching on with bouncers at The Lookout this arvo.

Welcome to Perth Margot Robbie!

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