REVEALED: Margot Robbie is in WA to see the Perth Cactus again before it’s too late

Margot Robbie has confirmed that her trip to Perth was triggered after hearing that Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas had planned to remove the Perth Cactus as part of a CBD revamp.

While the Lord Mayor did indicate the Cactus could be moved, there are no guarantees in this game. Thus, an outpouring of tourism interest in seeing the mighty art installation before it’s too late.

A source close to the Hollywood megastar told The Times,

“Margot is only human and the news that the Great Perth Cactus was under threat sent shockwaves through every corner of the globe. She turned down big auditions for the chance to get to Perth to see it, like many are also doing”

Needless to say, upon landing at Perth International, Margot instructed her driver to make a beeline straight for Wellington Street. A witness saw her get dropped off and described the scene as follows,

“It was like a Nun seeing the vision of Christ in a tortilla for the first time. Tears just streamed down her eyes and she hugged the mighty structure. She then told a member of her team to make sure her formal objection is heard about removing it”

After enjoying the Perth Cactus for several hours, Margot decided to enjoy a local delight and arranged to meet some friends in Perth’s happening CBD.

A source close to Margot said she took great joy in telling her friends that she’d meet them by the Cactus. Adding,

“If you thought she was crying when she gazed upon the mighty Cactus you should’ve seen her when her friends successfully used it as a navigation point. Absolutely bawling her eyes out. It was beautiful.

Margot Robbie is also in town to do a little shopping and found herself in a perilous situation at Karrinyup shops later in the day. Read all about it HERE.

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