Cottesloe Woman In Search Of A Sea Change Moves 2km Down Marine Parade

Former North St resident and Marine Parade personality, Cynthia, felt she was stuck in a bit of a rut and knew unless she made some big changes she was at risk of living out her twilight years in a perpetual state of yearning. 

So, to leave no unwritten chapters in the story of her life, Cynthia made the bold decision to uproot herself from North Cottesloe and relocate 2km down Marine Parade in South Cottesloe. Sending shockwaves through her community. 

Cynthia looked out at the lapping waves as she stared North at a land she previously knew. Telling The Times,

“Change is as good as a holiday, I know some of my friends think my move was a little extreme but I feel like I’ve been born again. A fresh slate. Things are a little foreign to me down here but it’s all part of the fun”

Her son didn’t know how to handle the news at first but seeing his mum so full of life had eased his concerns. He told The Times,

“I thought, geez mum, it’s a wild world out there and not everyone is cut out for it but she’s really taken to it. She’s even started crossing Stirling Highway to hang out with some old Peppy Grove contacts. She always used to say there was no reason to cross Stirling Highway, funny how life just comes at you hey?”

Cynthia overheard her son and was filled with an emotion resembling maternal warmth. She clarified his comments, 

“I’ve always said, The Peppermint Grove is a perfectly acceptable alternative to Cottesloe but I just would never go when that garish Taj Mahal building stood there, how frightfully ghastly”

She took a moment to stare down a couple of children e-scootering along the coast. Making a quick notation of their appearance before continuing,

“Well, it is gone now and I’ve had a few bubblies down at the yacht club, I never would’ve thought I’d be living such a different life, it’s done me a world of good”

We asked if she would ever consider moving to Peppermint Grove in the spirit of change & adventure. She told us,

“There is a sea change and then there is completely reinventing yourself. I am not at that stage yet darling. I think one should be wary of such extreme transitions”

Well said. 

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