Twiggy Says Sculptures By The Sea Light Should Be Used To Summon Him When The City Is In Need

Twiggy is said to be elated over the plans for Japanese artist Takeshi Tanabe to install a massive light installation in Cottesloe for the annual Sculptures By The Sea. 

The installation known as Between Sky And Earth will not only act as a beacon for hordes of sweaty blow-ins but also serve a more noble purpose. We spoke to a source close to Twiggy who said he was pumped. Adding,

“Twiggy has been waiting a long time for Perth to create a Twig-Signal and it looks like it’s happening. He is urging Cottesloe to keep the installation permanently so it can be used to alert him to injustices. Like when WA needs a bunch of useless ‘rona tests or an emergency rugby team”

Twiggy has even gone as far as to give Premier Mark McGowan a few ideas on what symbol they could use. The source continued,

“He said he’d happily accept an R M Williams boot or an Akubra hat. He says the city is free to call on him for any injustice no matter how big or small. Even if no one liked his plans for the Indiana Tea Rooms”

Marko McGowan is said to have accepted the proposal pending a more thorough investigation. A source close to the premier told The Times,

“Look, he understands WA has a problem with police quitting and frankly we are going to need all the help we can get. It’s a bit dicey accepting a vigilante billionaire but there are plenty of movies about it working out fairly well. Plus we never know when the incredible bulk will try to get into WA again”

Could the twig-signal be WA’s last line of defence against Clive Palmer? This remains to be seen. 

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