Mossie Park traino forced to close after 3 residents complain of train noises

Mosman Park traino has been dealt a harsh blow today, with the State Government ruling that the station would be closed due to a handful of residents having to deal with the “oppressive sound of habitual train noises”.

Mossie Park traino opened in 1894 which should be noted before any current resident was born. Nevertheless, a handful of residents chose to purchase properties close to the train line recently and have petitioned both the Local Council and the State Government furiously to have it shut down.

We spoke to a raging NIMBY who told The Times that it’s about time public transport infrastructure took accountability for the mild inconvenience it causes residents. Adding,

“I’ve been forced to bring high tea forward 15 minutes to avoid the afternoon service. Frightfully inconvenient. I have also sought medical treatment for the mental stress of having to prepare for each and every train that stops there”

The Mosman Park Council has conceded that losing the vital piece of infrastructure would be a blow to the wider community but the voices of the aggrieved residents have been loud and sustained.

Ultimately, the State Government decided to act in favour of the loud minority rather than the many adoring fans the traino has. A spokesperson told The Times,

“We’d rather see 100 residents make the trek to Victoria St or Cottesloe Station than 1 resident have to put up with the fairly muffled sound of a train every 20 minutes or so. After all, that is democracy manifest”

Mosman Park traino will shut down later this year with no chance of it returning. So please go and say your goodbyes now.

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