Nicolas Cage continues to grate on locals after nabbing a prime spot outside Merchant & Maker

Nicolas Cage has pulled another slick Hollywood move this morning much to the disdain of locals in Dunsborough.

At approximately 8 am, he managed to nab a premo park right outside of Merchant & Maker before indulging in a long breakfast.

There are voices from within the community questioning how he snagged the spot while others believed he should’ve stuck to “blow in etiquette” and got takeaway. One such voice told The Times,

“No one is saying Nicolas Cage isn’t entitled to grab a bacon & egg wrap and a coffee but he’s been here a week and he’s already pulling up hot in the VIP bays? I’ll give you a tip on who the VIPs are, locals”

Another witness told The Times that Nicolas Cage had used his star power to convince an arselicker to head down early and camp out in the parking bay on a chair.

If this is true, the Face Off actor may have done serious damage to his standing within the community. Such an act is sacrilege and the sort of peak blow-in behaviour one might reasonably expect from a Cottesloe resident. The witness added,

“I seen it with my own eyes. When Nic pulled up in his Mustang the guy suddenly moved. I also noticed the Mustang had Cape Nat plates. I’m sure Nic thought it was the perfect ruse but nothing gets past me, mate. All I do is obsessively stare at blow-ins from October to March”

Not everyone is taking it so seriously, however. With one alleged local saying that she thought it was great Nic was patronising the local hot spots. Even going as far as to say she’d happily give up a prime parking spot for him. Adding,

“He’s so dreamy. He can park whatever in my spot any day hehe. I think we have to remember that he is a celebrity and not just some garden variety, Prado driving golden triangle kent”

Who knows what further antics the star will get up to!

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