Nicolas Cage confuses Jetstar Bali Arrivals for cast of Con Air remake after landing in Perth

Nicolas Cage has been left “shocked” by an encounter with the passengers from a Jetstar flight today after he landed in Perth ahead of a movie shoot in the state’s south west.

A witness at the scene told The Times that Cage turned to his wife and asked whether they were doing a remake of Con Air after gazing upon the wildlife chanting, spewing and yewing as they walked out of the airport. Adding,

“You could hear Nicolas mouth WTF at his wife. He was clearly confused at why so many criminal-looking types were on a plane together. Someone from the public told him to not mind the rabble, they were just Bali enthusiasts, and that the ones in handcuffs were just due to some plane rampage, nothing serious”

We understand that Cage wasn’t taking the local’s word for it. Even went as far as to contact his agent and tell him that if Con Air is being remade then he wants a big slice of it. A spokesperson for Cage told The Times,

“Con Air is arguably one of Nick’s finest films. So you can understand why he’d want to be part of a sequel or remake. Wow, your country really lets these people fly? Nick said he saw one with dried blood on his Bintang singlet? What’s with that?”

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We contacted Jetstar for comment and they said that while their planes often do resemble the cast of Con Air no filming permissions had been granted. Adding,

“Jetstar would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate the airline for actually landing a plane at the scheduled time. Sure we delivered a hot load of bogan back into Perth but lets focus on the positives. Jet-gold-star as we like to say”

Everything has been cleared up with Nicolas and he is reportedly now focusing on getting into the headspace of a surfer kook that has to battle a gang of Aussie surfers down in Margaret River.

Welcome to WA Nicolas Cage.

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