Nicolas Cage swaps faces with a local to avoid anti-blow-in sentiment while filming in Margs

Nicolas Cage has gone to incredible lengths to avoid anti-blow-in hate while he films his new movie down in Margaret River.

Taking inspiration from his hit movie Face Off, Nicolas Cage sought out a local who was happy to trade faces with him while he stayed in the area. Obviously he swaps back when he needs to film his scenes. A spokesperson for Cage told The Times,

“As soon as he arrived in Margaret River a crowd of locals told him to rack off back to Perth and told him he wasn’t welcome Down South. This is when a crafty local saw an opportunity and made Cage the offer”

In exchange for an undisclosed monetary sum, the Margs local will wear Nick’s face during all non-filming times and deal with the localism that is coming the way of a big shot Hollywood star. He told The Times,

“A lot of the locals aren’t happy with all the extra cars and people down here. Instead of seeing it as a boon for the region they are just worried they might have to wait a bit longer to get a coffee. So for a few weeks I’ll cop all that shit while Nicolas swans around in disguise”

While it’s going to be a tough few weeks for the man, he is well compensated and his wife couldn’t be happier. She told The Times,

“I’m a huge Nicolas Cage fan and honestly, I think this will feel close enough to sleeping with him as possible. It will still be my old husband’s pathetic stroke game but at least I can look into Cage’s dreamy eyes”

To sell the sizzle, Nicolas Cage has been voice & gesture coaching the man all morning. A source close to the actor told The Times that he even released a hive of bees at the man to get an authentic voice impersonation.

Nick is happy with the arrangement but admits that he wishes he’d vetted his face swap a little better. Turns out his man is a bit of a community pest and despite his best efforts to check out the sights undisturbed, he is copping a different brand of shit. His spokesperson told The Times,

“Yeah apparently this guy goes apeshit on FB over fishing spots. Nick keeps getting called a tool and asked if he thinks he owns the bloody ocean. It’s better than the localism that Perth tourists get though”

Good luck Nick.

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