Nigella reveals she added Perth to her tour after hearing of the local youths’ love of baking

British baking sensation Nigella Lawson has delighted Western Australian fans by adding Perth to her Australian tour.

She was reluctant at first given the time constraints but was swayed after learning of the local youths’ passion for baking.

In an exclusive interview, Nigella told The Times that upon reflection, skipping Perth would be like a historian skipping Greece, adding,

“Perth is clearly a cultural hotbed of baking. I have heard reports that groups of young Perth residents get together, often early in the morning to master their craft. By the looks of it they really enjoy desserts which include cream! It’s like little Paris!”

As part of her tour, Nigella will visit some of Perth’s leading late-night baking academies. Scattered across foreshores, car parks, and grimey outdoor settings in suburban Perth.

Nigella spoke about the importance of the youth embracing baking and what it meant to her. She was particularly thrilled that Perth seemed to celebrate each baking session with balloons. She continued,

“It’s like every time they convene to bake they throw a little party. It’s a wonderful celebration of an art form very dear to my heart. Baking is about celebrating, it’s about love and it’s about getting that high feeling you just can’t get from tossing a salad, or so I’m told”

We spoke to a young Perth baking ambassador who, in true form, had been up all night honing his craft. He was surrounded by N20 bulbs, a sign of his relentless toil,

“I was born to bake boiiiiiiii, I first learned the art in the Gilkisons car park baking academy and it’s just resonated with me since. We’ve come a long way in Perth, especially now that the mega-nangs are more available from vape shops. That’s a game changer because sometimes you can’t flog your nan’s cream charger because she needs it!”

Nigella is due to visit Perth in March 2024, so the Perth baking community has plenty of time to plan an experience for the famous baker that she’ll never forget. Even if her memory is a tad bit hazy due to a combination of intense baking and lack of sleep.

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