If Perth Mum Hears Her Kid Mention Prime One More Damn Time…

A Perth mum is on the brink of a meltdown if her stupid kid mentions that moron influencer’s disgusting “sports” drink one more damn time. This week alone she has heard it mentioned over 120 times. 

Fearing she has raised an idiot, the mother told her child that she’ll take away his eScooter if he nags her for a lift to Woolies again. Adding,

“What’s with it with this stupid drink? All the reviews say it tastes like human piss and there can’t be any resale value on an item widely available. Is it a TikTok thing? Is my son an actual idiot? I don’t know”

The boys father has similarly had enough of the drink being mentioned and has tripled his weekly golf outings to ensure he’s never in a position to be one on one with his annoying son. He told The Times,

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“I told him if he wants to give his pocket money to an idiot there was always my father-in-law who is trying to get tradies around to build a granny flat at the moment”

The Perth mother is so tired of it all that she’s tempted to give her son back the 3 vapes she confiscated in recent months. She told The Times,

“I’m pretty sure that swill will take just as many years off his life as the vape will. So it’s kind of the lesser of two evils. I know his dad will flip if he sees his son vaping and not smoking though”

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