RBA Governor’s Advice Inspires Cottesloe Man to Move Into Spare Wing Of Folk’s Mansion to Save for 3rd Airbnb Property

Silverspooner and all round affluent easy-rider, William, has heeded the RBA Governor’s advice to battlers this week and decided to move back into the spare wing of his folk’s western suburbs mansion to help save.

We were lucky enough to sit down with the young property entrepreneur who now humbly starts his day with freshly baked artisan sourdough with avocado fresh from a relative’s hobby farm. He told The Times,

“The old me is done. Just a week ago I’d be smearing caviar on this bread and then whinging that I didn’t have enough to snap up a 3rd property to turn into an Airbnb. I thought, what a loser, stop making excuses, it’s time to sacrifice ya know? It’s lucky because the folks had the south wing of their mansion free. I don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise”

The mover & shaker then explained that if he could do it, anyone could. Adding,

“Props to Philly for the motivation. He’s onto something. This generation would rather spend money on lavish holidays than save for their future. My peers could learn something from me, I’m only going down to Eagle Bay 7 times this year and staying in povo 4 star hotels during my Euro trip next month”

It seems that William has started somewhat of a trend amongst his friends. With many following in his footsteps. One of his mates told The Times,

“My folks actually stay in Europe for half the year these days. They normally have to pay a housekeeper but I told them I’d do it. Saved them heaps on the minimum wage they’d pay some struggler. They said they’d cosign a beach house for me to Airbnb if I did it. This is the sort of gumption you need to succeed, millennials”

It is certainly inspiring stuff and glad to know that someone is taking the RBA Governor’s advice seriously! 

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