Exotic Dancers Flock to Roe Hwy To Perform After Reports Someone Actually Made It Rain

The Perth exotic dancer community has responded in force after hearing about the generous cash splash on Roe Highway yesterday. The sight of pineapples flying into the air reminded them of how stingy their usual patronage is. 

You’re unlikely to see that many banknotes fly around the usual strip clubs these days. It was early 2000s Boomtown-esque. Like if several plan loads of FIFOs all arrived and headed straight to the Redcliffe. 

We spoke to a superstar of the industry that said Roe Highway was the hottest spot to perform a little afternoon tease. Adding,

“I won’t name venues but sometimes I get slipped shrapnel. So you can only imagine how excited we were to hear that someone was throwing thousands into the air. Presumably for a good time”

We spoke to truck driver Kenny who had camped up on Roe Highway to enjoy the full-day of entertainment on offer. He told The Times,

“Yeah, been here since about 8 am ha ha. Love the girls taking initiative and if some lunatic flings a bag of cash in the air again then my shitty 5 buck tip will fly under the radar”

Authorities have condemned the dancers however. Stating that Roe Highway is no place for cars let alone humans dancing on poles and the like. Nevertheless, the buffet is on and everyone wants a big plate of that cash. 

Nevertheless, 5 stripper poles have been removed from the lanes on the grounds of obstructing traffic. Some people can’t let us have any fun.

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