Seinfeld enjoys the company of real alpha males after joining a group of Harley revvers on the Cap Strip this morning 

New York comedian has finally had his wish of embracing proper masculinity granted after being invited down to Freo’s Cappuccino Strip this morning to rev some hogs. 

The acts of unadulterated manliness were noticed by all the ladies sitting down to their weekend breakfast. By all accounts, it had the kind of raw testosterone one could only expect at a meeting between a tren dealer and a Scarborough enthusiast. 

We spoke to Colin, a 56-year-old accountant who learned the secrets of mid-life Harley revving a few years ago and has never looked back. He told The Times he was chuffed Jerry came along with them, adding,

“We knew Jerry made some comments about lovelorn’ing for the days of real alpha males. As you can see, that’s us. You see this little leather riding vest? I’m bad baby”

Jim, 61, a financial planner, echoed the sentiments and went as far as to say that Jerry was a natural. Adding,

“Usually we have to teach someone how to make full eye contact with a 20-something in a tight skirt while revving the bike but Jerry was all over it. Tell you what he certainly renewed his man card today. No more daddy issues, daddy solutions”

After a few hours of making every woman wish they could be dragged back to a nearby cave, the crew decided to post up on the footpath and stand next to their bikes looking tough. 

A source close to Jerry said his faith in real men has been restored and he was off to try some other classic Perth alpha male experiences. Adding,

“We’re going to go and make eye contact at the Qantas lounge tomorrow morning. We’re told that should get some man juice flowing. We also have agreed to come back in August for the UFC. Jerry has really been working on his shadowboxing”

There you have it.