Jerry Springer’s Shocking Will Revelation: Lawyer Instructed to Tell Kid She Ain’t His!

Ever the showman, Jerry “The King Of Trash TV” Springer has left jaws on the floor posthumously during the reading of his will. 

Before his passing, the King instructed his lawyer to “prank” his daughter during the reading of the will. As always the talk show boss knew how to build up the suspense. A witness at the will reading told The Times,

“He had instructed his lawyer to read out everything that will be left to his daughter. A huge list of treasures and riches. Then he pulled out another envelope… and said he had something else to read before saying he had the results and only a biological child would get the inheritance. He then cut to an ad break. Where he just sat there silent for 5 minutes”

After the fictitious ad break was completed, the lawyer opened the envelope and informed Jerry’s surviving daughter that Jerry wasn’t her father. With the implication made clear about the inheritance. A witness told The Times,

“It was wild, chairs started flying around the room but you could see the massive smile on his daughter’s face. She expected nothing less from her dad who made a name for himself by dropping similar revelations for decades on his show”

A group of similar-looking but more white trash girls then entered the lawyer’s office to claim ownership of the inheritance while resulting in a joyful scuffle. All in the spirit of Jerry’s work. 

In a touching gesture, the lawyer granted loyal security guard Steve the honour of letting her know that it was just a prank. 

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