BREAKING: Woolies CEO proves the self checkout system works as he sees himself out of the job

“Unexpected saffa in CEO area”, was the warning that rung out at Woolies HQ after a trainwreck interview that saw him try to correct the record after believing he’d impugned a retired head of the ACCC.

Unsurprisingly, Brad Banducci announced his retirement from the role today, essentially checking himself out.

Ironically, by “making the choice” to see himself out, he has proven that the much-criticised self-serve checkout system works well. A spokesperson for Woolies told The Times,

“We encourage all our gaffe-prone CEOs to use the self checkout system as we have severely cut back on HR staff and the alternative will take much longer”

We spoke to a Woolworths customer who told The Times,

“Yeah, being forced to check yourself out feels pretty on brand for Woolies. They say you have a choice but there is usually one person at the checkout with a huge line so yeah, you pretty much have to self-checkout these days”

Apparently, Banducci was left infuriated after the piece-of-shit self-serve retirement machine kept flashing errors and filming him against his wishes.

No doubt the CEO will enjoy a solid chinwag in the Qantas Club with Joycey and the Kelly Bayer Rosmarin over how unfair it is to have to fall on the sword!

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