WWE Approaches High-Profile Western Australians to Enter the Ring at Rumoured Perth Event

Speculation that the WWE is bringing an event to Perth Stadium in 2024 has hit a fever pitch after it has been revealed that WWE organisers have been speaking to high profile Western Australians to gauge their interest in a series of side event grudge matches. Let’s have a look at the draw:

King Louie v Perth Possum

In this absolute blockbuster, the Perth Possum will get a chance to avenge his honour against the bad boy of the Zoo following an unceremonious yeeting.

It’s a significant weight difference but the Perth Possum has already shown his remarkable hardiness. It’s sure to be a ferocious battle.

Marko v Clive Palmer

Finally, these two can keep the lawyers out of it and settle their beef once and for all. Can the ex-Premier and Rocko local use his agility to outwit his Jabba-esque rival once again?

Or will Clive finally have his revenge for his long list of personal grievances against the man? Don’t be surprised if Clive fights dirty!

Hermes Endakis v Meddling Children Royal Rumble

An absolutely iconic grudge that has been yearning for a main event since Ship to Shore was discontinued so many years ago.

In a 1 v 8 match, Hermes will have to suplex his way through the Garden Island kids before taking on Kelvin Krump mono e mono for the belt. The kids have numbers but Hermes needs this win. Badly.

Gina Rinehart v Her Children

Gina will get to battle her children outside of court for the inheritance belt. This one is impossible to predict as Gina has proved time and time again she will move heaven and earth to stop her kids from getting a buck.

We also hear a member of Netball Australia might enter the ring with a chair. We understand this will be run in a Hell in the Cell format.

Simmo v Longmuir

Everyone loves a derby. While these men appear to have an amicable relationship, the public will demand they whip themselves into a frenzy to battle for the Glendinning belt. You won’t want to miss this one, especially as rumours Eddie might enter the ring to get revenge against Simmo for keeping his job and making him look like a massive idiot.

Twiggy v Fossil Fuels

The lead-up to this battle has already seen a lot of collateral damage. Several high-ranking FMG staff have quit but Twiggy hasn’t backed down. He has a message for fossil fuels – you’re done! Naturally, the industry isn’t going to go down without a fight so expect real Hydrogen powered electricity in the air when these two face off.

Basil Zempilas v Some Bloke Who Wants To Work From Home

Don’t want to return to the CBD to work, ay, pal? Well, The Bazinator has something to say about that! Hopefully, the man can get himself in shape as the ring is very different from the wank-paradise he’s built for himself at home. Of course, Baz may face disqualification after refusing to give the mic back during the pre-match press conference.

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