Tasmanian Devils trademark

AFL brings in special lawyer to present “Vibe” argument in possible Tasmanian Devils trademark case

Dennis “The Vibe” Denuto has been called back from retirement to assist with a potential Tasmanian Devils trademark case against Warner Bros.

Legal experts warn there could be legal consequences if the Tasmanian team goes with the obvious choice of The Tassie Devils as the name is the intellectual property of Warner Bros in L.A.

There are no indications that Warner Bros have kicked up a stink but given they are a pack of suits who would flagellate their own mothers over an IP infringement it’s likely. A spokesperson for the AFL told The Times,

“We want to offer Tasmania all the support we can to get this team off the ground. So we’ve brought in the finest lawyer this nation has ever seen to help them. Dennis Denuto has made a compelling argument that the Tasmanian team going by the devils is completely within the vibe of fair use”

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Dennis went on to say that the Tassie devil was “about all the island had going for it” as well as saying the under-18s had used the name for years without any issues. All factors clearly landed the use of the name within the vibe of trademark law. He added,

“It’s a no-brainer. It’s a shot right in front of goal after the siren. If Tasmania was denied a chance to call their AFL team the Devils it would go against the whole vibe of sport, the law, and Tasmania itself. I’ve used this argument to great success in the past if you didn’t know

At this stage, the AFL is remaining tight-lipped on whether they need to bring in Charles “Bud” Tingwell KC to support his old partner in crime. Although, sources within the legal system say there’s almost no chance the old warhorse would miss out on such an important Australian battle. 

We can confirm that there are murmurs in Hollywood with Warner Bros executives “quivering in their boots” over the prospect of going mano a mano with the legal heavyweight. By all reports, they’ll just let the team use the name rather than risk an absoulute pantsing in the Tasmanian devils trademark case.

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