trucks at High Voltage

Perth’s Italian Commodore Community Vow To Tailgate Trucks At High Voltage For Biggest Bog Lap Of All Time

The seven flatbed trucks at High Voltage will be embarking on a 5km circuit around Freo with live AC/DC tribute bands rocking out to the massive crowd. 

This of course presents a bellisimo opportunity to the ageing Italian Commodore community who are seizing the day and reliving their bests lives – 5km bog laps of Freo.

All over the city, you can hear the polishing of VLs, VNs, VHs… well basically more V’s than a young liberals convention. We also understand the more elite Monaro & Torana communities are keen to get a piece of the action. 

We spoke to Angelo who may or may not have just penetrated his exhaust pipe. He told The Times,

“I’d give up anything in the world to have the 80’s bog lap culture back. I reckon this is our chance to show Perth how sik it is. Fully sik if yous ask me. Yous reckon I should go boxing gloves, a chilli or fluffy dice? Maybe all three for the cruise *laughs dingishly*

WA Police have warned the Italian stallions that any attempts to disrupt the High Voltage event will be met with swift action. A claim that the Italian Commodore community dispute. Gio told The Times,

“Disrupt? Vaffanculo! It will be the main event bro. These are beautiful cars and it would have been what Bon Scott would’ve wanted. What’s more rock ‘n roll than some balding, middle-aged wogboys revving their vintage V8s up? Won’t be a dry pair of undies in sight mate”

We understand negotiations are ongoing between the community and Mark McGowan’s office. While the negotiations can be described as just loud Italian men ringing up and demanding to speak to Mark, they are progressing all the same. 

The trucks at High Voltage could use a bit of support so as long as the men blare Acca Dacca from their obnoxious subwoofers then it should be all good. 

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