The Left Bank Opens 2nd Line For ‘Influencers’ Trying To Grift Their Way Into Xmas Eve Party

To cater to the sheer demand of wannabe influencers trying to trade their perceived social capital for a free ticket, The Left Bank has been forced to open a secondary line to the main pack to process the requests. 

Hundreds of unsatisfied “influencers” who didn’t receive a reply to their IG/TikTok DM requests have begun lining up to state their case. We spoke to an aspiring “food/lifestyle” type bullshit influencer who told The Times,

“Personally, I think they should be paying me to go but I’ll settle for VIP access for a shoutout on my story. You shouldn’t say no to someone getting 100s of story impressions that would be madness. Don’t they know good advertising when they see it?”

Another male influencer took it a step further. After reaching the front of the line at about 10:30 am, he said he’d offer a story post and go live for 15 minutes. Telling The Times,

“They weren’t having it. Guess they don’t understand the kind of exposure 1000 active viewers can bring. I even said I’d take my shirt off for 5 minutes but they said that made them want to let me in less. Their loss”

We spoke to a security guard who was in charge of trying to separate the influencer wheat from the binfluencer chaff. He told The Times,

“It’s a sold-out event. We don’t need any free exposure but I guess you can’t stop them from trying. I’m checking accounts for bots. Man if these people didn’t buy so many followers they could just afford a ticket to get in!”

This is a claim that a rising Perth influencer denies vehemently. Telling The Times,

“Buying followers is an investment. Just like The Lefty letting me in for free. I am so close to a Kookai endorsement and they are letting that walk right out their door. Pathetic asking me to pay my way”

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