The logistics of transporting the Port Beach whale

Naturally, all the armchair experts already knew exactly what would be involved in removing a whale from a sandbar in Rockingham to a site on the mainland.

By all reports the stink smells like something between a Mermaid’s thrush and Boonie’s box after a tour of the sub continents. Either way, John West is certainly throwing this fish back.

Just in case you didn’t, here are some photos and footage of what’s involved:

It’s quite amazing that the operation to remove two blokes from a roof top almost took as long as the operation to remove this magestic beast.

Getting to be the pilot vehicle for a whale isn’t something everyone gets to tick off their bucket list.

No doubt they’ll have to deal with some lunatic in a Ford Ranger that has no respect for the big feller.

Rest easy big feller. We hardly knew ye.

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