UPDATED: The Port Beach Whale Has Sadly Died After Beaching Itself Off Rockingham

(Photo credit: Parks & Wildlife Services WA)

UPDATE: the big feller is going to be removed and buried

YESTERDAY’S UPDATE: Parks & Wildlife have confirmed the port beach whale has died.

The big feller that swam through Port Beach on the weekend has died after beaching itself on a sandbar off Rocko yesterday morning.

It was reported that earlier the beast was stranding on the sand bar and then swimming back out. Only to return to the sand bar.

Here is the update from Parks and Wildlife Services:

The beach is closed due to the high chance the whale will attract sharks and the public is urged to stay well away from the magestic beast.

ABC Update this morning:

ABC reported the following:

Some drone footage here:

Footage of the big feller in happier times: Even a blessed Whale knows that Port Beach is the best in Perth

Updates to follow.

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