Perth Stadium to allow roof seating to entice a full house of West Aussies to the Pakistan test

Perth Stadium has been working with WA Cricket to come up with ideas on how to draw more West Aussies to the Perth Test this week.

While the crowd was solid for a work day yesterday, the total crowd fell short of expectations. So Perth Stadium has come up with a novel idea after seeing yesterday’s Rivervale shenanigans go down.

A spokesperson told The Times,

“If people want to sit on the roof then they can. Obviously that’s something you people want to do so who are we to deny you that opportunity? Roof seating will start at $20 and we’ll try to get a drinks vendor up there too”

It appears Perth Stadium’s announcement has hit the high note with punters. We spoke to a casual cricket fan who previously announced he was going to give this test a miss. He told The Times,

“I can get pissed on a roof? Why didn’t you say that originally? I’m there. I even told my boss to shove his job up his clacker when he didn’t give me the day off today”

WA Cricket has applauded Perth Stadium’s initiative and has gone one step further and announced that one lucky roof ticket holder will win a daily prize.

In an announcement today, WA Cricket in collaboration with Perth Stadium and Cricket Australia said,

“One lucky seat holder will be awarded a 4 pack of Cruisers and a vape. We have listened and we have provided the WA people with what is important to them”

Thanks Perth Stadium. Good initiative!

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