Even a blessed Whale knows that Port Beach is the best in Perth

(Photo credit: Ori Weiser)

Reports came in that Clive Palmer came down to Freo for a dip. The horror.

Alas it was just a beauty of a suspected sperm whale has decided to have a frolic in the soothing waters at Port Beach.

Unfortunately, before this footage was taken there was some jet skiers and tinnie pilots hassling the majestic beast.

Check out the footage BELOW:

It’s a solid time to remind people not to disturb these amazing animals.

In the future, most marine biologists agree to stay back.

It’s not that they don’t want you to enjoy these beautiful animals. It’s just that they don’t want you to stress them out.

See a sperm whale is a lot like an uncle of boxing day. They are mostly docile, filter feeders that are happy to drift along sucking in as much good as possible.

That’s until you spook one. Then you could find they act unpredictably or even beach themselves with no prospects of getting up again.

Please show the whale the kindness you would show Uncle Tim.

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