The curious case of the missing Commodore door in Kwinana

Just imagine it. You awaken to another perfect morning in Kwinana Town.

The birds are chirping, the sirens are wailing, and you have a funny little feeling that today is gonna be your day. That’s what Patrick W experienced.

You burst forth from your abode and charge towards your Boomtown Chariot – a Commodore wagon that has never let you down.

Only to find someone has gone full SOR on it and flogged the door.

At this point, you must be thinking that someone has made off with at least $2k worth of collectible Holden parts (FB Marketplace says $50 but what do they know).

Alas, you accept that you’re not seeing that door again. Surely the scallywag is living the high life now on the proceeds – a fresh sweet puff, the finest gear and a 10 pack of Hard Solo. No doubt fending SOR ladies off with a stick with that swag.

That’s until fate hears your prayers and while checking FB you find this:

Could it be? Has the perpetrator failed to understand the pure value of a Commodore part in the post Holden world? Would you discard gold so readily or perhaps it’s a poor attempt at hiding the loot until they can relocate it elsewhere.

Either way, the door had found its way home and the Tuppy Wagon can once again graces the hallowed turf of Kwinana town.

Well, that’s what you get. SOR giveth and SOR taketh away. It’s the price you pay to live in such a exciting part of Perth.

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