REPORT: “Babysitting” – a pretty casual description for dad’s parental duties

A local Dad has apologised to his mates for having to skip today’s pub session on account of needing to “babysit” his own kids.

Naturally, his wife takes a contrary view of the arrangement and describes it as Thommo raising his kids for a change. Adding,

“Just let him call it babysitting one more time. One more time. I finally have a chance to hit the vineyards with the girls and I hear this overgrown baby moping that he has to sit on the couch watching Bluey with his own flesh & blood”

Thommo took offence to the suggestion he wasn’t actively excited about participating in his kid’s upbringing, telling The Times,

“Oi, I’m perfectly happy to spend time with these little freeloaders as long as every other avenue is exhausted. Why can’t we offload them up my mum & dad again?”

Always a thinker, Thommo devised an elegant solution to his little babysitting problem. Announcing to the boys that he’ll just bring his kids to the pub and let the bar staff supervise them.

His mate Brad praised Thommo’s quick thinking. Adding,

“It was touch and go but Thommo always finds a way. We were all raised in pubs and I don’t reckon my dad said a word to me until I won the under 14s footy best & fairest award. Look at me I turned out fine”

You have got to hand it to Thommo, he never lets the fruits of his crotch get him down.

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