VFL launch inquiry into how Eagles won without obvious advantage of some of them sitting in business class seats for 4 hours before the match

The VFL are positively fuming after the West Coast Eagles beat Melbourne this evening.

Pundits are scrambling for answers given the Eagles didn’t utilise their CLEAR advantage of getting some extra business class seats instead of an excessive amount of home games.

We spoke to a VFL insider who told The Times,

“not only did Melbourne suffer the indignity of having to leave the MCG but the Eagles didn’t even get utilise their secret weapon. Slightly nicer plane seats for a few of them! Which we all know over at the VFL completely squares the ledger”

The Inquiry will be headed by Victoria’s biggest footy talking head nuffies and Western Australia-hater Kane Cornes to donate his time to the proceedings.

Essentially, they want to look at whether West Coast went “2006 style” on the recreational enhancers due to the fact the win is beyond their brain power to understand.

To find out how they did it, we spoke to an Eagles’ insider who told us,

“Turns out not having to travel and staying in your comfort zone with loved ones is beneficial. Somehow the Eagles put on a clinic despite the lack of travel and having to share rooms and all the bullshit that comes with airports”

Hmmm well said. In any event, we can report that the VFL has formally requested a please explain.

We can only hope they get their answers.